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Learn about electrolysis

Q. Is electrolysis new?


A. Definitely not.

   Since 1875, medical journals have recorded successful electrolysis treatments. Dr. Charles Michel, an ophthalmologist, first discovered electrolysis when trying to remove ingrown eyelashes. Though effective, his method is slow and has been surpassed by modern methods.


Q. How does electrolysis work?


A. A tiny probe is placed into the hair follicle and a split-second pulse of electric current is applied at the hair root, causing destruction of the hair follicle.


Q. Are needles used?


A. Electrologists use an extremely fine, sterilized stainless steel probe to enter the follicle of the hair   root.


Q. From where can an electrologist remove hair?


A. Every part of the body except inside the nose, inside the ears and from moles.


Q. Why is electrolysis recommended over other methods like laser and waxing?


A. Professionally performed electrolysis permanently eliminates hair, for the largest variety of skin and hair types.

Laser assisted hair removal is effective with only certain skin and hair colors. Laser is absorbed when there is dark hair on a light skin field to eliminate hair. If someone has light or grey hair or has dark skin there is no sufficient contrast between the color of the hair and skin for the laser to effectively destroy a hair follicle. Hence, laser may only diminish some hair or none at all.  


Waxing, threading and tweezing are alike. Each method removes hair by the root but does not destroy the root so new hair will grow back in the place of the hair that is pulled out. This can sometimes cause hair to regrow even thicker and sturdier than before. Additionally, these methods may cause ingrown hairs as well, especially in areas such as the bikini line or chin area.


Depilatories and shaving can cause an irritation to the skin while the hair regrows quickly. These methods require a lifetime of maintenance.


Electrolysis works on most areas of the body to give you smooth, sleek, healthy-looking skin.  No other solution claims such universal acceptability and success.      


For more information click on the link to the American Electrology Association.

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